Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pink World

New wallpaper fresh out of GIMP with brushes from Deviant Art artists.  This wallpaper is free to use for personal use but no money can be made with use of this image.  It is meant to be a desktop wallpaper, nothing else.  You do not have permission to use this image on any website.  It is strictly for non-business use only.
Pink World

Original size for this image is 1600x900

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Few Handmade Wallpapers

Alrighty friends, i'm offering you a few handmade wallpapers today.  All of them were created by me and all but The Crow wallpaper hold a copyright belonging to me, so don't go about stealing them and saying their yours.  You can however use them on your desktop.  If you choose to use them for your website, please link back to this blog.  So here ya go, a whole bunch of crazy wallpapers made in GIMP, Arcsoft, and/or Photoshop.  To acquire them from here, click the image, then when you get the larger image right click your mouse and in that little menu that pops up choose "Set as Desktop Background", badda bing badda boom, you have yourself a new wallpaper.  Some you may have to resize as they are all over 1000 pixels in width.
The Crow Wallpaper (this wallpaper has VERY STRICT STIPULATIONS regarding use.  the images contained in the wallpaper were created by various artists and photographers.  i do not have the copyright to those images and never will.  you cannot use this wallpaper on a website, you can only use it for personal use on your home computer.  you cannot claim that this wallpaper or the images contained in it are yours nor can you make any money in any way by using this wallpaper.  if money is gained by using this wallpaper everyone involved in creating the pictures contained in it have the right to proceed with legal actions against the person or persons who have made money from the usage of the images.

Red Pool Water Splash!
Blue Crow Wallpaper © Aquilus Domini (this has my original artwork in it)

Dark Tower Wallpaper © Aquilus Domini

Blue Tears Drowning

Neon Bliss in the Pond

Starry Starry Night

Femininity is Overrated

Purple Lightning

Blood Pool v2

Coming At Ya! (this wallpaper has very strict stipulations regarding usage, it must only be used for your personal computer's desktop)

Perennial Cabbage © Aquilus Domini